Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taylor Sip and See

Today Mims and I drove out to Taylor for a Sip and See party for all the friends of Taylor, Miss and the Plein Air Neighborhood to get a glimpse of Sweet Mims. She really preformed for everyone, smiling and melting hearts. This is a picture of all the hostesses, they made some yummy food and tasty drinks. We had a great time sipping and seeing!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh...the Holidays

Well Mims is now 5 for 6 since her birth and in the two games she has seen in person the combined score is 104 to 0.

Amy and Leighton posed for a picture in the grove. As you can see everyone was pretty excited about State's negative 52 rushing yards on the day.

Mark picked a great weekend to come see Mims. While in town he got to see the Rebels trounce (verb, to thrash or beat severely beat) the Bulldogs.

Meredith stopped by while in Oxford as well. This was Mims and Meredith's first meeting.

Even more exciting that the Egg Bowl was Mims getting to meet her cousins Meredith and Eli.
They had a great time and as you can tell from the pictures below all enjoyed the meeting.

Eli carried Mims in the house and I have never seem a dozen adults jump up from Thanksgiving dinner and try to rescue someone so quickly. He did a great job taking care of her.

Mims got hungry and Meredith was there in a pinch.

After eating then having some play time it was time for a nap. Mims napped and Meredith still played.

This is the first meeting.

Mims also helped her grandparents pick out a Christmas tree. This is Mims pointing out which tree she prefered to her Aunt Sissy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Update: With todays thrashing of the LSU Tigers by the mighty Rebels Mims now has won 4 of the 5 games since her birth bringing her winning percentage to a staggering 80%. To bring that into perspective she has a larger winning percentage than any active coach with > 100 wins under their belt. More stats to come -- Leighton

All Smiles

Mims wanted to write the caption for this picture, so here it goes...

klj asjl k s asdkjakl j jk as jkasj asjd ajksa asjki dsk kklljkla aslkja asdlk ad;jnzadshjsdc kjjksnd

Mims just saved a lot of money on her car insuranace. Very exciting.

We were telling Mims about Christmas and she kept wanting to hear about the reindeer. Anyway, this is her best impression.

Taking a nap in the Moses basket.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

1 month old this week

Mims turned 4 weeks old on Monday and then had her 1 month birthday this Thursday. What a week.

Mims planned to make her Ole Miss football game debut at the State game but she just could not wait. You can see the excitement on her face. She has only been around for one Rebel loss in her lifetime and has a winning percentage of 75%. I am pretty sure none of us can say that. She expects to be at 80% after the win this weekend. Maybe we should take her to Death Valley.

Tim did watch some of the game but the rest of the game he was holding Mims.

Pres overlooks Mims before the game.

Hey everybody, check out my new outfit and my Ole Miss socks.

I am cute

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday in Oxford

It was a little chilly today, so we bundled Mims up for her stroll around the Square.
Fall is definitely in the air in Oxford, we are loving it.
Robert tried to squeeze in the chair but there was simply no more room to be found.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Eventful Week

The Walman's stopped by to see Mim's before heading back South last Sunday

Presley tries to find some peace from time to time. He has been getting more creative lately.

This is Mims!

This is Mims too!

Robert is trying to teach Mims how to dance. She probably will need a better teacher once she can stand up on here own.

My mom Kathy, my sister Hope and Mims pose for a pic. This was after a long day at Mistletoe Market in Jackson Friday.

Mims's first real bath. Up to this point she had just been sponged off.

This is Mims's new swing. Althought you can't tell from this picture she actually likes it. I think she was still upset about the shoes.

Friday, November 7, 2008

We do not have any new pictures so here are a couple of ones from last week.

Mims after Robert told her she could not get a new pair of shoes

After a long day in the Grove

Presley poses before going down for a nap.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mims pulled out her blue dress, following Houston Nutt's request to wear blue for the game Saturday. She helped put a nail in Tuberville's pinebox.

My mom (also in blue) meets Mims for the second time.

And the Grandparents pose with Mims

Mary Ellen and Mims first meeting.

Jeff just excited about the drive home

Jenny Lind with Mims

Mims falls for the "Pull my finger trick" from Wilson.

Jevan Snead stops by after the game.

Kim and Michelle oooh and ahhh

Kim and Bridget with Mims.

John Rea was around too, he did not hold Mims, he just watched a replay of the game.

Also, Happy Birthday to Gordon who was not in Oxford this weekend but does get to relish in the Auburn victory for an entire year from Montgomery, Alabama.