Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She got her shoes!

You may remember Mims being upset when Robert told her that she could not get a new pair of shoes...

Well she got her shoes and she could not be happier

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mims's First Christmas

Yes, this was Mims's first Christmas. In celebration of her first Christmas she wore her "Baby's first Christmas" onesie, while drinking from a "Baby's first Christmas" bottle with a "Baby's first Christmas" bib and burp cloth. She was not far from the tree that had several "Baby's first Christmas" ornaments. Her "Baby's first Christmas" blanket, scarf, mittens, gloves, socks, shoes, rattle, toboggan and picture frame were close by.

Santa came and left a slew of presents for Mims. You would have thought she would have been good all year long instead of just since mid October.

Here is Mims modeling her new hat. She will be sporting this during the Spring.

Here is Mims in her new seat. She likes to prop her pacifier on the arm rest and have her coffee and read the newspaper in it each morning.

Here is Mims, Aunt Hopeepopee and her cousin Meredith. It was not planned that Meredith's pants matched the chair, just a coincidence.

...and Mims with more Aunts. This is her Aunts Maggie and Laura.

Mims being touched by 7 hands at one time

Mims with Eli. This was right after Eli took Robert to the woodshed during what Robert thought was a friendly game of Wii Golf.

Mims first meeting with her Great Grandmother Rea Rea

Mims getting doubled up with the Mom/Meredith feeding combination.

Here is Lottie opening up a portrait of Mims.

Here is Grand Dad helping her open a book she got for Christmas. Who knew that the dodo bird was on Noah's Ark?

Here is Presley trying to get in on the Christmas fun.

And finally Mims getting some Ole Miss pacifiers from Aunt Sissy. Mims needed these to watch the Cotton Bowl this Friday.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's cold

It was cold yesterday, but I was ready...
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas everyone

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is around the corner

Hello from Oxford. I had a great weekend traveling all over Mississippi. I partied a little bit and saw some friends and a lot of family. I am pretty excited about Christmas. This will be my first one. Mom put this hat on me and told me to smile. We spend a good bit of time together and I have noticed if I do what she wants then most everyone is happier.

Here I am with my mom, dad, and my grandparents on my dad's side. We were visiting the Glover's and participating in my first topping of the tree.

My Great Grandmother Mama Coats and I got to see each other a good bit over the weekend too. We are planning on getting to know each other even better over Christmas.

Here I am with Khaki. She was showing me off to pretty much everybody at her party. I think they all came to see me.

I am not real sure who this guy was. He said he was a family friend but everyone I asked did not think he was invited. I thought I was the cutest one there but he tried to outdo me with his Christmas pants.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

This photo is of Mims circa 2008. Historians believe this photo was taken before the battle of the golden egg in Oxford, MS in fall of 2008. It appears that Robert is trying to get her dressed for battle the game while watching ESPN Gameday. Mims does not seem real optimistic about her dad being able complete the job. Several eyewitnesses say that her mother, Leighton, had to come in and complete the task.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Visiting Neighbnors

We told Mims that she was going to get to go see her new neighbor Robert and she got a little excited.

When they met the played for a while and sort of wore Robert out. But Robert did win the "Who can hold their right hand up in the air the longest" contest. Congratulations to Robert on his accomplishments.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mims update # 723

Mims went to get her shots today. She was pretty excited and ready for the experience. She got a good checkup and the shots were not near as painful looking as I thought. Mims took it pretty well. She is up to 11 lbs and 3 oz and is 24 inches long.

This picture is before the Dr visit

This picture is after the visit

This pictures shows her battle wounds

This is Mims hanging out under the tree...

and this is what happens when you ask a baby, a dog and Robert to pose for a Christmas picture.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas is a coming

Christmas is right around the corner and Mims is pushing 2 months old. I wanted you to see how much she has grown. She is in the green.

Here is Mims in some Ole Miss/Christmas gear. She loves Christmas and the Rebels.

As you know we live in North Mississippi and when you live up North you just have to be prepared for Snow. We had about 6 inches in the Northeast corner of the Lawn and Plein Air. She really enjoyed it (not really, she slept most of the time did not even know there was snow).

When we heard that Santa was going to be in Taylor we were a little concerned that he would not be the real deal. Boy were we wrong. He was the real deal and great with Mims. He wanted me to tell everybody that the Atkins diet works well.

Here I am with Mims in the snow. I only got hit with one snowball and Mims made it out untouched.