Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Two Thousand and Nine

What a Thanksgiving. I was all over the place. I went from Oxford to Jackson, to Madison, to Jackson, to Meridian then back to Oxford. Dad stopped by Starkville but asked me not to go into that too much. Family and Turkey was everywhere. We ate lunch at Aunt Sissy's house and had a big turkey, then ate dinner at Grandmama and T's house and had a bunch of litte bitty Mims size turkeys. They called them pheasants and quail but they looked like little turkeys to me. We also had the traditional caramel cake from the head baker at I Need a Cake. Check out some highlights below...

Here I am with Granddad playing the never ending game of taking an ornament off the tree and then him putting it back on. What fun!

Here I am feeding my baby some milk. She always finishes the whole bottle.

I am testing out a rocking horse in this pic. Dear Santa, I hope you read my blog...if you do please take note of how cute I look on this rocking horse. It is almost the perfect fit but I still have a little growing room. I have been a good girl. I put all of my toys back in the basket this morning before I went to school.

There is Aunt Sissy and Granddad helping me get back to the house.

Once I got back to the house I took off my jacket and tickled the ivorys a bit with Lala (that is what I call her this week). She is a piano teacher by trade so she was excited to see me perfect the Triple Limb Arpeggio.

Here is T frying up the tiny Turkeys. They were delicious.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pneumonia, Tigers and Birthdays...Oh My!

It has been another wild week around my house. I had a cold that turned in Pneumonia. By the way, going to the Dr. is not fun. Taking x-rays is not fun. Taking breathing guessed it, not fun. Then after all that I had to help throw an Engagement Party for Nelson and Liza on Friday night. Then the next day we had a game against the Corndogs and the Zebras. There were 16 of them allowed on the field and only 11 of us but we still prevailed.

Then after all of that going on last week I wake up Monday morning and see my Birthday girl hat, presents and a Happy Birthday sign. I thought to we go again, another awesome birthday party for me, but who knew, other people can have birthdays too. This time it was Mama's birthday. See below for her favorite present.

Here I am with Dad at the X-ray place. I was not feeling well at all. I did have a fun band-aid on my finger to keep me occupied though.

Here I am with Mama at home about to start a breathing treatment. It is really painless but I like to kick and scream anyway.

Check out my new outfit. Lynlee gave it to my for my birthday and I decided today was a perfect day to wear it.

Its me again

and again.

And here is Mama's big birthday gift. The blanket with arms...The Designer Snuggie. For some reason she would not allow her picture to be published but I did manage to snag this picture of dad posing like they do on the commercials. Remember, Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside. The Snuggie™ Blanket keeps you totally warm and gives you the freedom to use your hands! Included is a free book light. Find a Snuggie wherever fine cloths are sold. And for that sports fan in the family, The Collegiate Snuggie.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I have been taking pictures of myself

I've gotten ready for a big game
I've been to the Grove with my Uncle Gordon

I have been to the Dr. (not real fun)

I've been practicing taking my socks off in my old car seat

I've been enjoying the anticipation of a good meal

and I have been to watch the Rebels play basketball
What have you been up to?

Monday, November 2, 2009

I was a Ladybug for Halloween

This was my first Halloween where I really dressed up. I was about 20 days old last year so I just was not in the mood for all of that last year. Plus I did not know enough about the world to know what I wanted to dress up as. This year I decided to be a ladybug because they are ladies and they are cute. Another big determining factor was that there was already a hand-me-down ladybug costume in my closet. Here I am.

Don't worry about Winnie the Pooh back there mauling that lady, she was unharmed in the making of this photo.