Monday, July 26, 2010

The Mostest Postest

This entry into the diary of my life covers several different events over several different days in several different places. It might get confusing so feel free to pull out your pen and paper and jot down some notes to keep things straight.
I thought Mama was about to give me some cheese so I opened wide, but she ended up just
taking a picture of me. She pulls that trick all the time.

I spent an evening with Eli, Meredith, Aunt Hope and Uncle Gerry last weekend and it got crazier than a rice crispy treat factory pretty quick. We stayed up passed 100:45, yep you read that right. It was really late.

We had some people over for some FGTBLT's a couple weeks ago and afterwards Liza, Robert and I got rewarded with ice cream. Who knows what a FGTBLT is? We had to finish our dinner, say our ABC's and each solve a problem involving the square root of a prime number before we could have dessert. Well worth all the work in the end.

Robert prefers not to waste time with the cone and focused on the ice cream. Not a bad move, not a bad move at all.

We did have a casuality that night, we lost a good baby, a real good baby. We had to leave him inside...but we went on and ate our ice cream.

Nothing wrong with a little extra catch-up on the face ready for the next bite.
Different day, different stuff on my face. It was ice cream this time and the vehicle to bring the ice cream was a sandwich instead of a cone. It is good to have ice cream options.

What up homies. Just rid'en in my car with my Lambie in my lap. Word to your Mama.

Changing gears here. Mama went to the west coast so I went south. Grand Daddy took me for a stroll.

If anyone can let me know what the hee-haw I am doing walking around this skating rink please let me know.

I escaped from the nursery Sunday but was qucikly found which always makes for a good photo opportunity. Have a good week everyone.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rib-eyes and Redbirds

I watched the Rib-eyes last week and ate a Redbird. Wait...I ate a rib-eye and watched the Redbirds. I'm still figuring out what name goes with what object. I have been so busy that I can't keep my posts up with my activities so I am still about a week behind. I've also been working on a patent for the beverage industry that could revolutionize mass consumed beverages, but that's pretty boring so lets get on to the fun stuff.

I was invited to dinner at my neighbor Jackson's house a week or so ago. His Dada smoked a whole rib-eye and it was quite tasty. I washed it down with a little apple juice and I was good to go. Look what happened after dinner...I usually forgo sitting in my Mama's lap but seeing her holding Jackson put me in a jealous fit of whining that could only be cured with a dual cuddle.

Jackson was quite the host. He had all sorts of toys for me to play with and even let me sit on his couch and naw on this pink thing. I do believe Jackson is wearing wings in this picture but I never saw him fly that evening.

No matter how old you grow you sometimes just feel like a kid. I must have been feeling like an infant in this picture since I was overtaking Jackson's bassinet.

Saturday we headed North and crossed the state line to Tennessee. The Memphis Redbirds were facing instate rival the Nashville Sounds. Who wins if you put a Redbirds against a Sound? I'm not real sure since I did not watch a single pitch. We went up there and ate Rendezvous with some folks from Oxford Rehabilitation.

My new buddy Little John was on the playground. This youngster showed great strength and balance to be able to hold that head up.

I sort of interrupted an impromptu game of baseball on the playground when I stole the bat after a ground-rule double. The pitcher was nice enough to let me get in a couple swings before play resumed.

Ok, I did watch 1 play. The Sounds put 2 on the board with a stand-up double on this very pitch.

This was 1 of 3 times I was not running at full speed that afternoon. It was a cool 102 degrees in the shade so my parents were pretty excited to be sweating for 3 hrs straight while running after me.

This was stop 2 of 3. Hello

And finally stop 3 of 3. I stopped this time just because I felt sorry for Dada. Take a good look at him in this picture. He looks as worn out as Monte Kiffin after the Ole Miss/Tennessee game last season.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Keeping it going

I've got the pictures so i am keeping the post going. It's the law of supply and demand in it's simplest form. Let's get right to it.

T and Grand mama were up last weekend and we spent quite a deal of time together. We were coming back from the tree house when this shot was taken.

And back to the tree house we go. The lady I am with is my Mama's Mama but I really don't know what to call her. Here name is Katherine but that seems so formal. So I have been looking for something else. I have tried Mama, which Mama does not like but My Mama's Mama thinks is hilarious. Then I tried Khaki, Grand mama and now Hi Mama. We will see what sticks and I will let you know.

Back to the house again from the tree house with Biscuit close by.

This is me about a year ago. I was a wee crawler then. Below you will notice I am in the same hall but there are 3 distinct differences. 1) I am headed in the opposite direction 2) I am using the more efficient 2 limb method 3) The natural light in the above picture is from the morning sun where as the below picture is obviously from the afternoon sun.

We have been testing out different discipline and punishment methods around the house. This is one of my least favorite.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday post

It is already Friday and it is already the 3rd post of the week. Time flies when you're authoring blogs full time. I feel sort of like Mark Twain, Emily Dickenson, William Faulkner, Dr. Suess or any other great American author of our time.

I recently had a bout of writer's block where I was short on inspiration for my next post. There is the delicate balance of drama, humor and educational material that must enter each post. Then you must intertwine relevant pictures and commentary to complete a masterpiece. So As I Lay Dying* from writer's block it hit me. Where else is better to go for inspiration than William Faulkner's home, Rowan Oak. This place is like Graceland for bookworms and semi professional bloggers.

I know Mr. Faulkner would love to know that I visited for inspiration. He was known around town for being the nicest guy you could meet and loved having unannounced visitors over for afternoon tea. So I grabbed Mama, Dada and Presley and went looking for inspiration.

Presley made himself right and home and made sure he left his mark on Rowan Oaks. Here's a little known fact on the Rowan Oak. William Faulkner created this species of oak trees by planting a mustard seed and standard oak seed in the same hole.

On my way to the front door to see if he was home. No answer today.

Here I am climbing on the roots of the an old Magnolia tree that made its way onto the property.

It was such a nice day, quit cool really. Some would say it felt like a Dry September* while others would say the sun was coming through the trees like a Light in August*.

You might think that's Benjy Compson* with me, but that's just Dada.

We stayed for a quite a while, almost long enough to see The Evening Sun*
I kept thinking this flower was going to produce a Rose for Emily* but it ended up only producing Red Leaves*.

*That part you did not understand...that was a reference to a character or work from Will Faulkner himself, but you knew that didn't you.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello again everyone. Post #2 of the week (as promised) is upon us. These pictures come to you from my second 4th of July Parade. This one was host be the city of Oxford on July 3rd. So once again we are celebrating the 4th early. It really does not bother me but I thought it was worth mentioning. If you carry on you will see all the action.

Me, Mama and Lambie are headed to the parade. We were within strolling distance of the square so that is what we did...strolled on up to the parade. Big sunglasses keep out the big sun.
Mama should probably get a pair.

Although it was a relatively cool July day in Mississippi it is always a good idea to stay hydrated and find some shade. You can be perfectly fine one moment and the next minute your taking a dirt nap if you are not careful. Stay thirsty my friends!

Waiting on the parade to start. Why am I behind a iron fence? Safety of course. It was not captured on camera but a boy about my age rode by on a horse the size of Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium. I kept my distance.

Here I am with the camera man while I wave the stars and stripes. Not soon after that a cow came by and handed us coupons for a free spicy chicken sandwich from Chic-fil-a. The camera man was in a good mode the rest of the day. See yall soon.

Monday, July 5, 2010


I have been away from my normal digs over the past week so my blog posting has again suffered. But I am not going to make excuses this time...instead I am going to just ketchup on my posting in the form of multiple blog posts this week. My pledge to you, my loyal (and sometimes rude when I don't post) followers is to give you a new post every other day this week. I am even starting today....a federal holiday. So while you are eating ribs and watermelon I am croping pictures and spel chicken my posts.

I have plenty of pictures so keep up this week.

I worked hard on my swimming this week. This stroke is called the "invisable support stroke". I could stay here all day...the key is to have a support with good lungs. I used Dada this time.
And this one is the "accidently elbow support in the nose stroke".

Enough of the pool, to the back yard we go.

Have you ever cooked on someone elses grill? Did you blame the fact that the chicken was burnt to a crisp on this foreign grill? Did this happen 2 nights in a row to your Dada too? Did you order out the 3rd night?

Big girl slide. Cutest watermelon going down a slide you will ever see.

We had a 4th of July Parade at school on Friday. I guess we should have called it the 2nd of July Parade but I don't plan these things, I just participate. I don't think the Mason household got the memo that we could bring cool toys to ride in. I guess I will just walk.

Here is a rare behind the scenes look at me getting ready for the evening. I chew on a toothbrush while my stylist does my nails, hair and makeup.

Uncle G made an appearance over the holiday. He is a good uncle mainly because I get to do whatever I want when he is around.