Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flower Child

This past weekend I have the honor and privilege of being the Flower Child in Margie Kate's wedding in Meridian. It was at her farm and it was just a lovely time had by all. There was a wonderful ceremony, cows, horses, orchestras, bands, big golf carts, horse drawn carriages for Princesses, family, friends and great food. There were also lots of opportunities for pictures, and those opportunities were not missed so check out below for all the activities.

Here I am after the rehearsal Friday night. It was sort of dark so I got lost under this sheet. Luckily I was found after less than a half hour.

My cousin Meredith was there to help me get dressed before the wedding. She sort of looks like me.

I was dropped off by my chauffeur in the VIP section before the wedding. I was sort of glad to get out of his car. Odd fellow.

It is almost show time so I am trying to focus.

Practice makes perfect, unless you are practicing in the wrong place or you step on something you should not.

Mama was giving me a pep talk before it was go-time. I was in the zone already so I was not paying to much attention.

Stretching to make sure I did not pull a hamstring on the way down the aisle.

Here is Ryan, my friend and escort. There were some last minute changes that we were going over. The Clydesdale that were supposed to ride in on could not make it so we had to make some minor adjustments.

In this picture we just found out that there was a reward for good behavior...a cookie would be waiting for us at the end of the aisle.

And we are off...

I started veering left but Ryan straightened me back out.

With dreams of cookies ahead I made it all the way down the aisle, even passing 4 proud family members along the way. It was tough not stopping to say hello to them.

And then I overshot my mark and ended on the stage. No problem though, Mama was quick to rescue me.

Here's me and Dada overlooking our accomplishments after the ceremony.

Also after the ceremony...Lala showed me my name in the program. Miss Mims Mason, has a pretty good ring to it.

Ok, so how many of you can pull this off? I am front and center on the dance floor, jamming to the band and stuffing a roll in my mouth at the same time. Me and my roll made it on stage soon after this. If I can get the footage from TMZ.com I will post it here.

Congrats to Margie Kate and Adam. Thanks for letting me be a part of the wonderful night. Thanks to Miss Lynn too.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Live from Chil-fil-a...The Party

So here were are...the party. I put on my party cloths and headed down to my local Chic-fil-a to hang out with my friends, their legal guardians and a cow or two. We had a really good time, no one had any injuries that won't heal by the end of the year, and presents were present.

We started off in the playground to let all the kids have a good time before we got down to the serious business of blowing out candles.

Rob, the habitual rule breaker he is paid no attention to weight or height limits and channeled his inner child. He probably went down the slide a dozen times.

Here are some of the partygoers getting ready for some chicken.

The chicken is in the process of being eaten which means the cake is coming soon...

and here it is. I know you can't tell but we did not even practice blowing out the candles. For some reason there were 3 candles on my cake. I am 2 so all I know how to blow out is 2 candles.

Since my cake looks like a cow, should it be called Beefcake?

Things got bad for about 30 seconds. What went wrong you ask? I have no idea but it was short lived.

That's the look of concern. If you look over my shoulder you will noticed David has a similar look.

The concern was legit, as the cow, who's name was Bovina, was headed our way. She was not very tall and had a bow in her hair, but she's still a cow so I kept my distance.

Robert was not too excited to see Bovina at first but it he warmed up pretty quickly.

See Graham, she is the girl holding the Bovina's tail. Graham is no longer allowed to go to any Chic-fil-a's in the Southeast. Apparently pulling the tail is a big no-no.

Too much fun was had at the party to open presents so we did that back at the house. I got what I had been asking for...it's a pillow...it's a pet...It's a PillowPet. I named him Monty, the Monkey. Thanks G.

I got a new Cheerleading outfit too, long sleeve for the Fall and Winter sports. Thanks Lala

If you got some bread bring it over and I can make you some toast, just let me know ahead of time so I can get it warmed up. Thanks Aunt Sissy.

The look of a happy 2 year old. Its been a good 2 year folks. Here's to many more...

More from the Real Day

There were a couple of days of relative calm in between my real birthday and my party but I don't see a need to leave that undocumented since there were several accomplishments during that time. See what all happened below and be sure to check back soon for pictures and video of my party.

If you think it's odd to hang out around your house with a tiara on then you would be right. Unless you are a girl, under the age of 30 and it is +/- 3 days of your birthday.

I love being 2. It puts a smile on my face.

I am now old enough to go up on the hill behind our house. This hill and the retaining wall that keeps the hill from entering our kitchen is off limits to those younger than 2.

I am also old enough to drive although my license is only valid in my driveway.

And most exciting of all I am old enough to play by the highly flammable natural gas meter on the side of our home. Yeah!
Sitting on the table by Mama's 3 hole punch is a new hobby of mine as well but I don't think it will be allowed much longer. She is very protective of the 3 hole punch.

We updated the "how tall wall" on Wednesday. I grew a little over 5 inches this year. If I keep this up I will be 9' 7" when I graduate high school. I also got an update from the Dr. I am ahead of all you short people in height at 60 percentile and behind all my peers in weight at only 30%. Guys, I'm doing my best to help Mississippi loose the honor of being the fattest state in Union. Remember to stay tuned for pics from the party.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

School Party...with cupcake eating instructions included

Below is part 2 of a 4 part series entitled The Aging of a Brick Artisan's Daughter.

My party at school was a messy success, but still a success. Picture this...after finishing up chapter 27 of To Kill a Mockingbird I lay down for a quick snooze. Then I wake up to the hustle and bustle of a birthday party being put together. I just woke up so a big part of me wants to be whiny, but the rest of me is ready to celebrate me birthday. Check out the festivities below...

The anticipation is almost too much to bear (see Ole Miss Mascot).
Things are starting to get going. I have a hat in front of me and a cupcake is on the way. Note to the party givers: please bring the guest of honor the first cupcake.
Things are starting to get a bit messy. The Notorious David Doss, who is notoriously clean is even having trouble keeping the neon icing off his chin.

So to keep the mess off my hands and isolated to my face I went for the face-plant method.

Please work on this at home before you bring it out in public. If you are off just a little bit you can easily end up with icing in your eyelashes.

Have you ever asked your Mama to wipe your face and she just sneaks a kiss instead? Have you ever asked my Mama the same thing and she sneaks a kiss?

Ok, so the party was great but it was not without incident. When the cupcakes were first brought out Harris decided he wanted to sit where Avery was sitting. All of a sudden it looked like it was the last round of Musical Chairs and the kids with the fullest diaper was going to win.

And then this tough cookie had all he could take.

Super star here has the perfect mustache/goatee combo working. Have you ever seen a guy so excited to be wearing pink and have stuff all over his face? That's what a party will do to you.
Another party is coming Saturday and we have some events in between so stay tuned. BTW, I am registered at Oxford Floral if anyone needs some gift ideas.