Monday, February 28, 2011

February Sum-up

Hey hey everybody. I know as well as you that February is a short month...barely has a week in it. But that does not mean you can't have a good time. I hope you had a good one. My February ended with me taking care of Lala and Grand daddy while Mama and Dada helped Uncle Ken and Aunt Debbie get married.

Here I am peaking our from behind one of my favorite hiding spots before heading to school. I had to dress up because I have a presentation on the effects of too much Mickey Mouse on a 2 year old to my class today. I can go ahead and let you know that I hypothesized that it only has positive effects and my hypothesis was proven true.

Also in the month of February...Robert came over and helped me dance on my ottoman.

He wore his party outfit because its always a party when he is around.

I asked Mama and Dada to let me stay at home while they traveled to a tropical island. They were flying commercial (which I can't stand) and were bothered by celebs the entire time so I think I made a good decision. I would have like to spend time with Eli and Meredith though. Here they are on the water taxi to the island. If you look in the reflection of Mama's glasses you will notice that this picture was taken by Justin Long and Blake Lively. If you're not sure who they are then let me Google that for you.
Justin Long

Blake Lively

Dada at low tide

Look close...Mama's on the dock.

Thanks for taking this picture for Mama and Dada Mr. Dave Matthews. Sorry Dada made you listen to his demo tape.

Here are the reasons for the trip...Uncle Ken and Aunt Debbie getting ready for the parade to the the rehearsal dinner.

Here is more on the parade. This video was randomly taken by someone on the island.


Ready for the wedding

Mama, Hi Mama, Aunt Hope and Cousin Meredith and random speedo guy at the wedding.

Hope your February was as relaxing as mine. Also, thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker, Shania Twain, Hugh Grant, Minka Kelly and those previously mentioned for letting my parents just relax while on vacation. See you during March. Everybody get your kite's ready.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fisrt Date

I had my first big date last night. I put on my best Valentine's day outfit and got ready for the Father/Daughter Valentine's Dinner at church. Typically, when my date got to the door I was not even close to being ready. But we ended up making it to dinner and had a fun evening.

Come to find out, my date had a date the night before. Look what he cooked for Mama.

Sticking with the beef theme from the past several weekends he served red wine braised beef short ribs.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Famliy and Flank Steak

I forgot to put these pictures up earlier. My Dada's family came to town the same weekend that he got old. Although it was Dada's birthday I was rewarded with a present as well. My reward was just for being me. I got some cool blocks to play with. Thanks everybody.

Here I am in my Minnie Mouse PJs with Mama Coats.

Playing with Lala while Uncle G remembers his favorite play from the Ole Miss/Tennessee game earlier that day.

More time time with Grand Daddy and the new blocks.

Now I'm not trying to turn this into a food blog but sometimes what Dada cooks is more interesting than what is going on in my life. For instance the rolled flank steak below is more news worthy than me playing a record setting game of hide-n-go seek today.

Step 3 -- Rolled flank steak stuffed with toasted bread crumbs and baby spinach, jalepano pesto on the side. Then some couscous with mushrooms, tomatoes and green onions

Step 2

Step 1

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a week

I know its not over yet, but we are getting close. The weekend is almost upon us. We got a bit of snow today, the Rebels/Bears took care of business on the recruiting trail, closing strong as usual and our boys in the gym had a good nationally televised win earlier this week. I have not been to the hospital this week, I don't live in Egypt and the Super Bowl is this weekend so things look to stay positive through the weekend.

Do you remember what happened the last time a nationally ranked Kentucky Wildcat basketball team came to Oxford?

I got taken to the hoop by Zack Graham and the Cats went home with their tail between their legs. Well it happened again Tuesday night. I was watching from afar this time but it was exciting nonetheless.

Do your parents have needy friends? Mine do, and they usually show up on the weekends. I am used to fixing drinks, grabbing snacks, changing the channel, adusting lighting conditions, letting Presley out to potty, etc. but when John Rea comes to town it gets even more demanding. This last time I had to clean his chin. There were crumbs and dried up ketchup.

Once we got that chin cleaned up all we had to do was straighten that hair and he was ready to go.