Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Fun

Hello fans. I am back from my mid-summer hiatias. It has been a good summer thus far and we still have much more to go but let me get you up to speed on what I have been up to lately.

This was my get'up for the 4th of July parade at my school. I am giving it a test drive before the big day.

I have made my way to a pool or two during the hiatias. I am checking out the hot tub.

Here is Dada with Turt the turtle. They are inseparable.

Presley is pretty dog gone happy in this pic. Shortly after he curled up with himself and took his 14th nap of the day.

Here are three tired pups. Most of us had been swimming and that just tires you out.

Headed to the 4th of July parade with Mama.

Got tired of walking so now I am headed to the parade with his arms. He loves carrying about 30 pounds of wiggle when it is 95 degrees for 30 minutes stretches.

A couple of weeks after celebrating the nations birthday I helped celebrate Luly's birthday. That's her in the green ring next to madam Mims.

I prefer a pink ring. In fact it is terribly difficult to get me in a pool without it.

Dada stopped by and had some pizza with me at the party. He has a long neck.

Ok, I got dressed after a long Saturday morning of playing in my fort. It was long toppled by the time the camera came out. Time to go the farmer's market.

Nothing like dancing for the guys with instruments, hats and sunglasses. I don't know if they appreciate me blocking the tip bucket though.

Here is a picture of me in my hat and...

Here is a picture of Caldwell in her Dora the Explora Fedora. Say that 3 times fast.