Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who had a party?

Just in case you have been out of touch with the Oxford social scene in the past week or so I wanted to mention an event that happened last weekend.  This event was my one and only 3rd birthday party.  We had great time and the events leading up to the party were great too.  Thanks to all who attended, including William and Kate.  I can't believe they came across the pond just for my birthday.
I awoke bright and early on my actual birthday and got to meet this little guy hiding in the corner of his tank.  I promptly and appropriately named him Nemo.  He is the only boy fish on the block with a pink castle in his tank and he loves it.  His light is also my new night light.  That's my jam.
Ok, fast forward to 2:15 PM at school.  Directly after nap time.  As you may remember from last year David Doss and I share a birthday.  That's right I said share.  Many of you may think I don't know that word but I do.  Now give me that toy you are playing with.
This is my "I'm about to eat a blue cupcake" look.

And this is my "I just ate a blue cupcake" look.  By the way, Hi Mama made it to the birthday party. 
Ok, fast forward again.  Now it is evening and I am all dressed up for my birthday dinner.  I got to open my present.  Candy Land, or as I like to call it.  I Win again Land. 

After opening my present we had reservations at Chef Bovine's new restaurant...Chik-fil-a.  They have great chicken strips and a play-room that is second to none.  I think Dada was the only one there in a tuxedo.  He said everyone else did not know it was my birthday so they were not dressed as formally.

Do a double take!  Its now time for a birthday party.  I was so excited that I got a rash, skipped my nap and put on a princess outfit.  Lala and Grand Daddy made the party too.

And where did this new Princess outfit come from?  Well Aunt Sissy of course.  (Programming note: You may see this costume again close to the end of the month)
Here we have the Lowery girls and JoAnna working on their crowns.  Papa Lowery was quite the creative inspiration behind some of the best crowns of the day.

Look at all these kids having a ball or two...or three.  Only took us about 2 days to get all 52 blown up.

I even had a couple LSU fans dressed in purple come to the party.  Thanks for coming Lala and Alma.  See if we can find some Red or Blue next time please.
Joe even made the trek across the driveway to the party.  And he brought his little Princess McKenzie over.

What is a party without a little entertainment.  We rocked the mic and tickled those keys for a good while.  I thought a flash mob was about to form.
Knox is all strapped in for a trip through the garden.  Knox is a big proponent of safety straps.
Jojo, also a fellow birthday sharer of mine made an appearance as well.  He looks like a 3 year old manikin in this pic.
Cupcake time.  I don't know if we had too many people or two few cupcakes but it got a little hectic for a while.
And the calm after the party.  I got my blue blanket and checked out all the wonderful presents my friends brought me.  I am checking out my new glass slippers right now.  Thanks for everybody who came.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Stretching Summer into Fall

Back from a quick trip to Lake Bruin. We had a nice relaxing trip. It was hot this weekend which made it an excellent weekend to be at a lake. This was also the last time for me to be at a lake while still being a small child. That's right, come Thursday I will be a 3 year old big girl. I am excited, as is most of North Mississippi.

Here is most of the crew from the lake trip.  We left 3 more on land and Dada was not allowed in the picture.  I am sitting in Wilson's lap.  Unfortunately for me, Wilson's lap did not make the picture.
This was where I spent the Saturday night before last.  Out by the fire in my Ole Miss turtle neck and my Ole Miss sweatsuit.  Watched us roll over the Bulldogs from Fresno that night.
Welcome to my office.  This is where I work on homework, doodle and write the rough draft for my blog.

Ok, back to the lake pictures.  Here I am with William.  Apparently I am good with adults because he seems to enjoy my company.
He does not always take jokes that well though.  As you can see I thought I told a great joke but William did not take is so well.
Here is Mama enjoying the ride.
Here is Dada with Captain Wilson.  Captain Wilson probably should have been facing forward since the boat was moving but he got use home safely so I guess I should not be so critical.
Mama sometimes thinks she is famous.  I finally see why.
Dada sometimes thinks he is handsome.  I'm still trying to figure that one out.
I thought I should add this jewel also.  T is leading me, Lamby and my new balloon back to the car.  We had a good lunch.