Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Running out of titles

I am running out of titles for all these posts. This is a post with pictures of Mims. Pretty much like all the other posts.

Here are Mims and Leighton down by the pond in the backyard. Mims loves the water.

Here is Mims just sitting around wondering why we are always shoving a camera in her face.

And for a finale a short video of Mims clapping. When Mims went to daycare today Mims showed them her new trick. They promptly told us that trick was weeks old. What else are they keeping from us? Can she do algebra?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


With iPhones and digital cameras everywhere these days we get submissions for the blog all the time. Here are some pictures from last weekend.

Here is Nelson's submission of the picture he took after he and Mims hung out at the pool. She is giving him some kind of look.

John has hung out with Mims several times but this is the first time he has held her. He broke his long standing rule of not holding a baby until it can walk. He claims he waits this long to make sure they can withstand a fall.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Beach

Mims went to the beach last week. Lots of pictures were taken to document the occasion. Thanks to Grandmama and Sweet Tea for a great trip.

The Mason's at the beach

Mims running from the scary turtle

Too much lovin

Mims and Grandmama pose before heading to dinner

Child Abuse

Mason girls in pink and smiling

Mims puts on a fake smile on while trying to act like she is not concerned about the prehistoric turtle behind her

Mims in her 2 piece after a big breakfast

Mims playing with her cousins Eli and Meredith