Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Christmas in the books

Well I successfully traversed another Christmas season this year. I had an especially good Christmas this year.

The Honorable Grandaddy presided over the reading of The Night Before Christmas again this year. What a great story.

Also on the night before Christmas is my cousin Meredeth's birthday. Unlike Jesus, who asks for all to celebrate his birth, Meredith had a party with an exclusive guest list. I, of course, made the list so I had to look the part.

Although Meredith is older and wiser, she still needs help opening presents from time to time. I was more than willing to help.

Presents, presents, presents...presents.

Everyone back up, turn around and then run like a five year old is pointing a gun at you...because that is what might be happening. Eli (an Alabama fan, living in Mississippi) tied a pink bow his old rifle and passed it down to his 5 year old sister.

Ok guys and gals. Christmas morning is here and Santa confirmed what I knew all along. I was very well behaved the entire year. I wish you could have seen the all pink presents up close and personal. It was totally awesome.

The only thing not wrapped in pink was this slide that Santa must have strapped to the roof of his sleigh. There was not way this was fitting in his bag. Sorry you had to carry this big load Dancer and Prancer.

In hopes of finding my extraordinary gifts at an early age I was given this piano this year. Lottie is hoping to pass down her skills.

Pillow pets are great. A pink pillow pet is even better. Yay cheap Chinese toys.

Scoot over Lottie. I can help get past this tissue paper.

My stocking exploded.

Who would have known that a couple other people got presents too. Tim is a simple man with simple needs so he was extremely excited about his every own personalized styrofoam cups.

I hope everyone had a Merry Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Too good not to repost...Updated

I was so young and immature last year. I am glad I have grown up this year. I don't have a copy of this year's visit with Santa yet but it went much better than last year. It did not go great, but it did go better.

Here is this year's picture with Santa. We had to use Mama as a buffer. I am going solo next year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Beef and Monkeys

I have a monkey that's 28% taller than me. That's pretty cool. Since his name came attached to his earlobe I have decided to call him Maxx. We will see if it sticks. Thanks to the Naron's for making my unknown monkey wish come true.
Here is a close-up of the finished Boeuf Bourguignon that Dada cooked Saturday evening. The culmination of about 7 hours of smelled great, it looked great...and tasted decent.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mainly Me

As usual, this entry is mainly about me. Lets get to it after a short shout out to Mama and a bird.

Here is Mama and her coffee off for her final final...that is her last exam. I don't want to brag but she has 4.0 reasons to celebrate this semester's results.

We are both excited about the day. My school was closed that day so I hung around before she took off to Ace that thing. Check out my snowman jamas.

Well what do we have here? I do believe that is a perfectly smoked Turkey. My dad brought it home from the store and a couple days later it magically turned into this creation. This bird, along with its brother helped feed most of the neighborhood for the Christmas progressive dinner. Tonight we will be dining on Boeuf Bourguignon straight from the pages of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Disclaimer: Liza's dad actually cooked the bird, but it did originate and terminate in my kitchen.

Just hanging out.

Potty training like a Rock Star. Got my high heels, my mirror, my bracelet, my lip gloss and my rubber ducky.

There's Elf on a Shelf. He is not on a shelf today, he is hanging on the TV watching some Mickey Mouse Club House. When he is not watching TV he loves to move around the room when I am not watching and scaring the apple juice out of me.

There he is again, he enjoys art as well as TV.

Here is the stuffed animal formally known as Lamby. Its name is now Mims. If we don't talk before Christmas everyone travel safe and have a Merry Merry Christmas and remember that Baby Jesus is the reason for the season.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Pageant at School

Well we had our annual Christmas tonight at school. It went fabulous as I suspected it would. There are some pictures and a quick video below.

Enjoy the video. I drew my inspiration from the leadership of the two guys in front of me...Cade and Harris. Thanks guys.

This is my Mama.

Wow, there she is again. Christmas pageants get her real excited.

Almost time for my part.

Here is the whole crew. I'm the angel in white, right there in the middle.

Here is Cade again. We are in class together and then again on Sundays. He keeps me in check if I ever get out of line.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is getting closer

Nothing much to report here. Just wanted to check in and say hello. I have my Christmas pageant tomorrow night, that should be fun. I am singing Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star and doing an interpretive dance to Handel's Messiah. I hope to have video of the performance tomorrow.

I got a new camera so I had pictures taken of me eating dinner tonight since noting else was going on. Pucker up!

I shared apple sauce with my chin.

And guess what else I had...Mac and Cheese.

My Santa salt shaker want to show off his presents. Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

Mama has been finishing up the semester and has exams next week so getting to the computer has been an ordeal lately. I have barely been able to update my facebook status, much less make a detailed blog post. She is at the Library right now, so I have a moment. Below are some pictures from the past several weeks.

We loaded up in my BNF (Best Neighbor Forever) Joe's truck and headed to get our Christmas tree last week. If you recall I am a huge fan of real trees and I question people's Christmas spirit when I see a fake tree. I plan to live on a Christmas tree farm one day. Its going to be much more fun than living at an artificial tree farm.

Selecting the perfect Christmas tree is different for everyone. My Dada bases his decision on price, size and price. I like to base my decision on the scent of the tree. The stronger the hint of evergreen, the fresher the tree. The fresher the tree the better.

Always make sure to get your own personal tree for your room as well. This one is still alive. You don't get any fresher than this.

Check out this giant rocking chair next to this poisonous plant. I know this plant is poisonous because a friend from school lost her pet iguana in an unfortunate Poinsettia accident last year.

Here is my mischievous smile. I just put about 6 rocks in my pocket and I am trying to get away with it.

I am cleaning out the fountain at Hi Mama's house over Thanksgiving in this picture. She loves for us to visit but makes us work for our food. And since it was Thanksgiving there was a lot of food...hence, a lot of work. I had to clean out the gutters once I was done with the fountain.

Shortly after this picture was taken we spun out of control and ended up on the wrong side of a potted plant. Please remember during this Holiday season to not Drink and Drive.

Alright everybody. Have a good week and I hope to be receiving Christmas cards from all of you soon. I love getting mail.

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Ad Campaign

Sorry for the long overdue post...and this is a quick one. I wanted to share a picture from a photo shoot over the holiday. This is for a new ad campaign that you might see this Spring. I will have stories and pictures from Thanksgiving with the family up soon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Miss Minnie Mims Mouse Mason

Hello from the other side of Halloween. I had a ghostly time filled with 3 days of trick and treating. It all ended on Sunday evening when we all went down to the pool house for pizza and running crazy before heading through the neighborhood to ring door bells and to make middle aged people smile ear to ear.

You don't know how much candy you accumulate without accessing your original candy situation. Mine was pretty easy to access since it was completely empty,

I was dressed as myself with some Minnie Mouse flare.

Mama and me before the candy hunt.

Me and Princess Carter. Ain't she pretty

Look at this picture of this Baboon holding this monkey. They are a funny troop.

Off to find some candy. Liza, who has exquiste taste, showed up to the party wearing the same thing and she looked fabulous. This will bother me greatly in years to come but I was fine with it today. She even had some super slippers that I think she stole from Cinderella.

I followed Liza's lead and took only one piece of candy per unattend bowl.

I got a fun pack of skittles this time. Excitement is in the air

I hear that you can tell if a witch is a Good Witch or a Bad Witch by what color clothes she wears. I think you can tell if they give you candy or not. Which witch was this witch you ask? She was a Good Witch for sure.