Friday, January 29, 2010

The big Deuce 9

Dad turned 29 yesterday. I was real excited...yeah it wasn't my birthday but any celebration where cake and presents are involved is good enough for me. I got him a 3 pack of undershirts. They were not just any undershirts though...they were V-neck. He was so excited he ripped open the pack and immediately put his on. Mama and I felt is was necessary to follow suit.

I know he is 29 now but he still looks every bit of 28 to me.

The usual Thursday night duty of dividing up the recycling and getting it to the curb went to Team Mason Women tonight. Between dad's birthday and the Rebels taking control of the SEC West there was no time for the Three R's.

This is me just doing my thing. Drinking some milk while looking all cute. How many of you can pull of a sweater dress and white tights like this?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Got Nelson and Liza married

Well I got Nelson and Liza married over the weekend so to celebrate they through me a party afterward. It was a great time. I did some dancing and really enjoyed standing in front of the speakers. Attention is my friend. See the clip below.

Before my party I stayed and played at Jack Carr's grandparent's house. We had a real good time. Check Jack's blog out in the near future. I bet he has some pics up soon.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Awe Shoot

Being a local Mississippi girl it is only fitting that I went to my first skeet shoot over the weekend. I did not miss a single one. Neither did Mama. Dad missed a couple but hit more than he missed. He said those sporting clays did not stand a sporting chance. We did other things over the weekend too like eating a Mexican, trying on my Easter dress, jumping on the bed (don't tell Mama) and fixin stuff.

I am walking Mama in this pic. I am in the pink pants and pink shoes.

I am watching the boys shoot. Amazingly the noise nor the earplugs bothered me too much.

Dad taking aim. He was so good he started using a rifle instead of a shotgun to make it more challenging.

In between jumping I like to dive into the pillows and hide for a while. This is a good example of me trying to hide. I did not know until I got the negatives back that my rear was exposed the entire time. No wonder they found me.

Ok parents out there...learn from this. Remember that keeping your daughter from flying off the bed is sometimes more important than getting that next picture. This action shot was taken on the way down and right before my noggin met the floor. I now focus my jumps towards the center of the bed.

Here I am eating some chips and cheese dip. It takes much concentration to get the chip in the dip and then into the mouth. Its a 3 step process.

What are you looking at?

Dad's motherboard was as messed up as my hair.

Here is my Easter dress. It will be the perfect fit by April but I might debut it this Saturday.

I've got some big shoes to fill. How do yall wear these things? My dogs are barking already.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Back Everybody!

I have missed you guys, and I know you missed me too cause I got several threatening emails about my lack of post since the year started. All is remedied now.

I know you enjoy my witty comments but a blog without pictures is like a cat with no hair....Ugly and pointless. So i refrained from posting until now.

Here is how my morning went today...

I woke up this morning and had some cute little newtons filled with figs and washed it down with some milk. I had a banana too but I annihilated it before the camera came out.

Then I went through the morning ritual of throwing my milk on the ground. We play this game until either Mom or Dad wise up and just take it from me. It took 17 times this morning. They are always talking about calcium. I say pass on the milk, just give me some cheese if I need more calcium.

After breakfast I got dressed for the day and was ready to head out the door...or so the parents thought. Quickly I grabbed the remote and headed towards my room.

I slung the remote onto the floor along with my froggy blanket and went for the crib.

My pacifier is in there and I am not leaving the house without it.

Without any assistance I then slung myself over the side and into the crib to rescue my pacifier.

And now all is well and I am off to start my day. I have polka dots on my shoes. Yeah!
Now where did that pacifier go?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Camera Down

I dropped my camera from my high chair late last week while eating some bananas. Those things are slippery. Anyway, got another coming in soon so we can get back to blogging. Stay warm and stay cool.