Sunday, August 28, 2011

Professional Cycling

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. As my followers in the South know football season is all but upon us. Each year about this time I take my cart and go visit Coach Vaught at his field house. We touched very briefly on last season and quickly decided it was time to move on to our thoughts on the state of the team and the upcoming season. Coach is very excited about the new capital campaign and asks everyone to do their part.

See everyone next week in the Grove.

I have a slight fear of anything with peddles but Dada has been working extremely hard with me. The amount of attention he pays to me during the training sessions is the work of a true teacher.

Nevertheless, sometimes you need to bring in a 3rd expert in the field of cycling to bring your game to the next level. In comes Luke, 7 time North State Tricycling co-champion and neighbor to yours truly. I put on my best tutu (blue), then put on my second best tutu (pink) and my silver cycling shoes for the training.

Luke used a technique call "the different tricycle" and it worked quite well. We ditched my shiny tricycle and used a relic from the past. They just don't make tricycles like this anymore. You can tell I am more confident on this one and you can tell from the look on Luke's face that he is quite proud of me.

Now back to training with Dada...the look says it all.

In other news, I went to go see my main man Ryan a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited about all the trash he had on the street that I gave him a but ole hug.

And when I had to go I was sad. More to come...stay tuned.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Been Beach'in It

I made a quick trip down to the beach since our last chat. We had quite the time. Last year when I went to the beach I would immediately turn around and head straight back to the condo. This year I got in the water and used the beach, the pool, lazy river, etc. to its full potential.

I chose my Coast Guard approved pink ring. If I was in my swimsuit, my pink ring was with me. Even if I was just sitting around the condo.

This picture summarizes a conflict I had pretty much all week long. Should I take a nap, or should I go swimming.

This is not the beach, this is a grass field that grows rainbows on the way to the beach. If you look real close you will see two rainbows.

This was sort of embarrassing, I had a small spot of tomato sauce from my spaghettios on my lip. I found out later that it was there for 2 days before anyone pointed it out to me. Just another problem with not being able to see above the counter in the bathroom.

Another dilemma, should I go to sleep, or should I go crabbing.

Here is a dilemma that Mere Mere has each morning. What to do with here hair. I think she sleeps with her hair in the blender each night.

This look of concern is because either the bubbles keep growing or I am getting smaller.

Mama ready to go deep sea fishing.

There is Eli, resting before we start reeling them in.

Ahoy there matey...Uncle Sam, Julie and Dada up top on the look out for pirates.

We caught about 50 fish and were able to keep about 30. We had to throw back all the Red Snapper even though some were huge. Just not is season. The trigger fish, white snapper, B-liners and Nemo were all good eating.

Here is the crew. Captain Al and firstmate Ben were pretty happy with our haul, seeing how the previous outing nabbed 2 fish for them.

Uncle Sam had so much fun playing with us...can't you tell? Look how excited I am!

Really I am more concerned, Uncle Sam caught a blue crab and a baby stingray. Does he not know what happened to the Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin?

Mama and Dada before a hot dinner.

Finally made it back home. Was excited to put on my new Red and Blue jammies and get ready for a new year school and a new Football season.