Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the Hunt

I woke up excited this morning and ready for my first real Easter Egg Exploration. I was scheduled to attend one last Sunday but due partly to inclement weather and due partly to my bad mood I had to skip it.

I have found I am extremely good at lots of things and after today's hunt at school I think that hunting eggs might be right up there with my dancing skills and my ability to feed Presley treats. I have asked Mama to bring extra baskets and some band-aids to my next hunt. The extra baskets are for my eggs and the band-aids are for the poor children that get in my way. Check out the action below.

Here I am about to head out the door for school.

This was my first egg. I was just learning what to do at this point. Don't worry, I caught on quick. Look how cute my little ducky basket with feet is. Thanks Lottie.

Notice my two handed approach to dropping off the eggs. This is needed when you pick up more eggs than one hand can handle. Also a cute pink bubble and ruffled socks help.

Look at his face...mesmerized. He does not have a Easter egg basket because there was no need. All the eggs are in my basket.

Here I am trying to get some help with this basket. These things get heavy with all these eggs.

The show is over everybody. Lets break these things open and get some candy. And don't worry everyone, I shared all my eggs with my fellow classmates.

After the hunt we went to the play ground for some exercise. Here I am going down the infant slide with Mama.

And here I am going down the old folks slide. Don't eat a heavy meal before dropping down this baby.

This is my porcelain doll that I had created in my image. It's name is "Mims at 17 months"

Here is the doll relaxing by the back door and eating a graham cracker, which I affectionately call Dada. I lov'em both.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Something Shocking happened this morning.

And no, it is not my bad hair day although it would be shocking if I had one. It was what I have named "Crazy Rain Snow". I was relaxing with my coffee and bagel this morning before church and right before my eyes I saw rain turn to snow. The snowflakes were what I call "cathead flakes" because they were the size of a cat's head. The pic below shows the pink (of course) buds of my weeping cheery tree in the early snow. The tree is blooming because as of yesterday it is officially spring. El Nina at it again. The snow did not stick but it still snowed in late March in Mississippi.

We worked in the yard yesterday. I focused on looking good, falling in the thorny rose bush and hiding when my parents were not looking.

Irrigation is my specialty, the gasket in this sprinkler head had to be replaced.

Here is am admiring my work...fresh pine straw always helps.

Presley loves for me to give him his milk-bones. Sometimes we share.

Here I am at Grandmama Kathy and T's house last week. I was letting everyone know I was ready to get in the tub.

Well I made it to the tub, but this was a different one than I was hoping to make it to. I prefer the one with the thirsty horses.

This is me on the go.

And finally this is my posing with my Mama after a spin on my trik.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cease and Desist

My lawyers have received a Cease and Desist Order on my behalf. I cannot discuss the details or the content of this letter but I would like to release this prepared statement.

"I would like to thank the the Memphis Zoo and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for hosting me last weekend. Zoos are a not real scary and are wonderful educational tools. Zoos are nice and fun. Zoos are also safe as most people do not get mauled by bears or tigers while attending. I would like to point out that the bird of prey that stole my cracker brought part of it back shortly after the incident. I am not 100% certain that the elephants smell. I was just going off the assumption based the their appearance. I do stand by my statement that monkeys that yell, dance and jump at you while you try to eat are a bit disturbing.

I understand that the amount of visitors to the zoo has dropped 67% since my most recent zoo related post. I take the responsibility of being a published, cherished and celebrity blogger very seriously and I did not intend for my words to harm the Memphis Zoo or the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

In conclusion , I would like to thank my guides for the day for all of their help and zoo knowledge. Skeeter and Rick, thank you for all that you do and I apologize if my words caused you a decline in visitors."

Monday, March 8, 2010

Elephant Warning

Please be aware that large, gray, wrinkly, smelly elephants are loose in the city of Memphis. There are also crazy jumping monkeys that have been released into this once great city. They swing and yell and dance by you while you try to enjoy a chicken strip. In addition, large not cute panda bears have been spotted by my own eyes just walking around with humans. To help avoid coming in contact with these vicious animals please run and hide if you hear your parents say the word Zoo. If you do end up at this Zoo place please make sure to refuse to sit in your stroller, tremble each time you see a moving animal and make sure not to allow your feet to touch the ground. This will keep you more safe. Also, please knock your Dada's sunglasses off his head multiple time onto the dirt and concrete.

Here is one of the Pandas I was talking about. Just walking around like he owned the place. So cuddly and vicious.

I know I am making the zoo sound terrible, but it was not all bad. Take for instance this beautiful bird of Prey that flew down, stole my cracker is now about to attach this unsuspecting turtle neck wearing lady.

Or this seemingly docile cat. Just laying there in the sun, showing me is claws and teeth while making screeching cat noises.

Speaking of wild and I am before the trip in my natural living room habitat. If you look closely you can spot me blending in with the native living room vegetation.

This is me on the way home. Dreaming of peace, quite and elephants that look more like this.