Monday, November 29, 2010

New Ad Campaign

Sorry for the long overdue post...and this is a quick one. I wanted to share a picture from a photo shoot over the holiday. This is for a new ad campaign that you might see this Spring. I will have stories and pictures from Thanksgiving with the family up soon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Miss Minnie Mims Mouse Mason

Hello from the other side of Halloween. I had a ghostly time filled with 3 days of trick and treating. It all ended on Sunday evening when we all went down to the pool house for pizza and running crazy before heading through the neighborhood to ring door bells and to make middle aged people smile ear to ear.

You don't know how much candy you accumulate without accessing your original candy situation. Mine was pretty easy to access since it was completely empty,

I was dressed as myself with some Minnie Mouse flare.

Mama and me before the candy hunt.

Me and Princess Carter. Ain't she pretty

Look at this picture of this Baboon holding this monkey. They are a funny troop.

Off to find some candy. Liza, who has exquiste taste, showed up to the party wearing the same thing and she looked fabulous. This will bother me greatly in years to come but I was fine with it today. She even had some super slippers that I think she stole from Cinderella.

I followed Liza's lead and took only one piece of candy per unattend bowl.

I got a fun pack of skittles this time. Excitement is in the air

I hear that you can tell if a witch is a Good Witch or a Bad Witch by what color clothes she wears. I think you can tell if they give you candy or not. Which witch was this witch you ask? She was a Good Witch for sure.

Letting Loose

Here is a quick snippet of my dance moves following my performance as a flower girl a couple weeks back. The video of me and Mama on stage is not allowed for public viewing. Notice that I'm looking good, keeping the beat and still munching on that roll. Halloween pictures coming soon...