Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Funday

It seems I am apologizing more and more these days for the increasing rarity of these posts. I have a legit reason this time. I have been grounded from the computer for the past week for growing up too fast. I also was not allowed to read the Wall Street Journal on Sunday or go to the pool by myself this week. I personally think my parents are being unfair cause I have tried to quit growing like they asked. They used the old "Because I said So!" excuse. I don't like that excuse...never have.

I kept it casual this Sunday for church. I went with my pink dress with little baby girl frogs with pink bows in their hair.
After church things got crazy. We started off with lunch and then a quick nap. Then after that we were off to the park. I'm not talking about your normal park with a slide and a swing. I am talking about Oxford's very own world renowned and smoke free...Avent Park. This place is a super fort, quadruple slide, multi-swing, wood chip covered, dinosaur containing towering playground that must have been created by one of Walt Disney's descendants.
Avent Park, which I now like to call Crazy Town, is broken into 2 sections. One for infants and babies, and then one is for kids like me. I'm leading Daddy (I call him Daddy now instead of Dada, another sign of my maturity) to the swings. I quickly found out this section is for small people, so we did not stay here long.
I'm not sure if I am in a rocket ship or just a lookout tower here, but either way its cute.

There was fire at the fort so we had to take the evacuation slide. This happened 4 different times. Luckily, there was no damage.

Strolling through the town square.

No fire this time, just fleeing from the dinosaur.
It was not just me and Daddy getting in on the fun. Mama got in the swing of things too.

Since it is almost June and we are in Mississippi it was a bit warm, so I cooled off back at the house with my first ever ice cream sandwich. I really enjoyed it, so did my shirt and face.
We're not done yet, then we went to the pool to continue to cool down.
I know I am just in the baby pool in these pics, but don't worry I was all over the place, including the big pool. I am headed back for a cookout on Memorial day with friends of the neighborhood.
Now I know this picture is a little out of context with the rest of this post, but I could not pass up on this opportunity to show Uncle John Rea and me relaxing at the hotel room before Uncle Wilson's wedding last weekend. We were sharing juice and cookies. Also, since Uncle John put a bow in his hair, handed my dad a camera, handed me a cookie and said "take a picture of this and put it on the blog", so like I said, I could not pass this up.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Been Beachin' It

I've been at the beach lately and when I am on vacation I don't bring my Blackberry or laptop, hence the delay in getting my latest post out to you. I took my Mama and Dada down there for some R and R. Mama literally put her #2 pencil away about 20 minutes before we hit the road headed South. Her new nickname is now Leighton 4.0. There are all sorts of stories from the beach but mostly I let my parents carry me to the beach and then I would just walk straight back to the boardwalk. Here are some pictures from the eventful week.

Here is a rare moment when I was content on the beach just relaxing and getting some shade. It lasted for about 2 minutes.

I think I am asking for directions to the room here. By the way, the baby in the red bathing suit and snorkel gear is not real...just a toy.

Fun Family Picture Time! Fun Family Picture Time! If your having trouble finding me its probably because some girl that Ken brought with him jumped out in front of me right when the guy said cheese. Just kidding, that's Deborah, I mean Debbie. I stole this picture from her facebook page.

This is what happens after I go to bed. Everyone brings out toys and dresses up. Everyone except my square parents.

Here I am with Grand Mama and Meredith. I had ketchup with my fries if you can't tell.

One problem I had on vacation was there were several other kids there so I had to share the spotlight with others. I rarely had anyone give me any attention.

See what I mean, no attention whatsoever.

Just kidding about the toys coming out after I went to bed. This is me and Eli posing for a picture while Meredith is stuck in her hat.

I was given a blue bandana to match my eyes. By the way, we were dressed up for Western night at the beach. Don't act like you've never had Western night at the beach.

Ok, the main reason why I stayed away from the beach...we had a playground where we stayed. Evidently they allow kids to run around in their diapers.

Me and Meridith enjoying some afternoon tea. What a great way to wind down.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's just that time of year...Spring. I am doing some Spring Cleaning just like the Rebels have been doing in baseball the past couple of weeks. First is was the mighty Tigers from Louisiana State that went down, and this weekend the Rebels won their 10th straight game, 2nd straight sweep and 5th straight against MS State (handing them their 6th straight loss).

I have my moments

Hello everyone. Again, I am sorry that I have neglected you, my adoring readers. I have been busy lately as both me and Mama have exams coming up this week. She is taking 18 hrs and I have been working on the letters A and B this semester. Mama has been seeing patients in the clinic and I have focused on the color Red. All of this along with winning 10 straight games in baseball including sweeps of State and LSU (hotty toddy) makes for a busy last couple of weeks. My photographer has been pretty lazy too so the only action shots we have are me strolling around Double Decker and one picture from what has been referred to as Terrible Tomato Tuesday.

Here is one of my better moments

Here is another moment.