Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Life

I've been busy lately with the necessities. Sure, i've been to birthday parties, hung with all sorts of grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Socialized in the Grove, been getting ready for a wedding, learning those ABC's etc. but the camera is not always around. So back to the necessities...

Like getting ready for the day.
getting plenty of nurishment...

and getting ready for bed.
Hope to see everyone soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Alert

My Birthday is way less than a month away. Just wanted to give everyone plenty of heads up. Send me an email if you need to know where to send all the presents.

This is one of the last pictures of my as a 1 year old. This year's party should be cow-razy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun in the Country

Neighbor, friend, school mate and fellow Rebel Liza and I went to a fair in the country a couple days ago. When you're in Mississippi the country is never too far way. We loaded up in the wagon and headed West for a couple hours of face painting, snow cone eating, horse riding and knee slapping.

Country folks are a resourceful bunch. These people took some old grass and made a chair out of it. It was perfect for us.

My love of snow cones got in the way of a good picture this time. Liza seems to have a similar issue.

Liza has a couple of months on me so I look to her for advice from time to time. Notice how she uses two hands and keeps everyone from seeing her underwear while eating. I have so much to learn.

A real horse is pulling us. We were going 1, maybe 3 miles per hour. I was not sure if we were going to make it or not.

2 people that are not as smart as you might think. Lets go by the nose of an animal with teeth the size of my iPhone. Not smart!

Headed home after some Fun in the Country. I am sorry that we did not get pictures of the hot air balloon ride that we did not take. Maybe next time.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

While it was still hot...

While it was still hot we went for Snowballs then onto the Grove. This was a couple of weeks ago when it was about 108. The high today as a brisk 89 so things were much better.

Me and my shirt love a Strawberry Snowcone.

You may have heard there is a Quarterback shortage in Oxford. That is not true, there plenty of Quarterbacks in Oxford, the NCAA just won't let us play. Take my situation for instance. The NCAA wants me sit out for a year because they think something is fishy with my transcript. I go to a Baptist Daycare but a I am a proud member of Oxford-University United Methodist Church. Then they brought up that Mama grew up a Presbyterian, Sean and Leigh Anne Touhy are good friends and Jerrel Powe is a Pin pal of mine. And they say I'm up to something. I say just let a playa play!

I lost my football.

This is a perfect example of how a girl throws the ball. All arm, straight legs, no hip action and toes pointed down field. If you guessed that I did not hit my receiver on this play then you would have guessed left...I mean right. Good news is that I am 2 inches taller than Dylan Farve so I have potential.

Remember to always wear a shirt the color of the food you will be wearing.

This is the coolest guy my Dada knows.

Family Portrait time. We needed a quick shot of the Fam for a daycare project I am working on so we took one before Church.

Appropriate way to walk your child...No. Effective...Yes.