Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boots with the Fur 2.0

You might recall last season's Boots with the Fur...

Well now this season thanks to my always stylish and metro friend Nelson I have a new pair.

Thanks Nelson and Liza for the uGgs. I got a new pair of Toms too from Amy. I will probably sport them tomorrow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rock Climbing

Well it is more like brick climbing but is still impressive I think. I can also climb in my wagon and wait for a pull. Take a look at a this small feat.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Party #2

I celebrated my birthday again today, on my actual birthday this time. We had a party at school for me and Jojo (or is it Jojo and I...English is so confusing). Take a look at the pictures.

Mama came to celebrate too. She loves a good party.

I am throwing a fit because...
a) Someone else is getting some attention
b) I don't have a cupcake yet
c) All of the above

Okay, much better...now if you will finish up singing then I can blow this candle out and start eating.

This is Jojo. He does not usually have cake on his face. Do you think he looks sort of like the head Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz with that cake on his face...I do.

This is me and Jojo (or Jojo and I).

And this is how tall I am at 1 year old. 29 and 3/4 inches.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Birthday Party of all Birthday Parties

This is result of an overload of fun. I played too much, ate too much cake and overall just wore myself out. It was a great Birthday Party. Thanks to everyone who came by, called and texted me on my cell.

Check out my fancy birthday outfit. It's pink.

Check out my fancy cake. This was for everyone else at the party but me. I had my own. Mama and Dada worked for about 3 days on it.

There's my cake. They made it small and cute like me.

And here I am getting all up in the cake.

This is me (cute little girl in the middle, in Pink), Mama (cute little lady in the middle, in Pink), Lynlee, Jill and my new friend Estella.

Me and Estella playing again.

Okay, check out my new wings. It came with a wand, too. Nice color. Thanks Jill, Bert and Estella.

MH, I could have used your help blowing this candle out. I nearly caught my party hat on fire.

Check out all my loot. I love all my toys, books, clothes and shoes.

Here are some of the guest at the party. Can you guess where I am?
Here are some more partiers. Jevan Sneed came, we did not let him have any cake.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Almost there

Me and Mama are ready to go watch the defense play.

I'm Lookin good.

Up Next...The Birthday Party of all Birthday Parties.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Special week coming up

This is a big week coming up. I turn 1 year old, or as my pediatrician states...52 weeks. Really it is next week but I don't see any reason to not talk about it. Please contact me if you need to know what size I wear or what toys you should buy me. Cash and checks are also accepted. Pictures can be taken with me anytime before next Tuesday and for a small fee can be posted on this blog. In addition, I now know where my nose is, and if you ask I can show you where your nose is too. Okay, enough about next week...look what all happened last week.

This is me just one random morning. I had to get up extra early this particular morning because it was a bad hair day from the start. I am the only girl in my class so I try to look proper each day for the gentlemen in my class.

Guess who came to visit this weekend...My cousin Meredith, Aunt Hope and Gran-kakhi (that is what she says I am calling her this week). They took care of me all weekend. Here we are reading a book before bedtime. It was an interesting book and most appropriate for bedtime but it was no "Go Dog Go". I tried to wear Meredith's hair bow earlier that day but it was so big I could not hold my head up. Rebs won Saturday night too...good times.

Here we are in my new wagon. I am not supposed to use it until next week but I had to take it on a test ride. I am super excited.

Here we are with my new pumpkins. I am not supposed to use these till next week too but seriously...an antique truck full of pumpkins and I supposed to just look from afar, I don't think so. Update: Dada just told me that all of these pumpkins are not mine and that we just got one. I bet if I work my charm I can get at least three more by the end of the week.

Here I am showing my cat-like reflexes...to quick for a flash.

The Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale's came to Oxford last week...or at least that is what I was told. By the time we got there I saw a tail headed into a trailer. The cart was still around though.