Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Polar Express

I recently took a ride to Birmingham, AL and then headed South a couple of miles.  This happens to be the closest connecting train station to the North Pole.  The ride from there to the North Pole is relatively short for the vast distance covered and we had an elf reading and singing to us so the time really passed quickly.  Anyway, check out some digital stills from the trip below.

This is not my first encounter with Santa in my life, but this is the first encounter between the 2 of use were we both did not coming away from the meeting rethinking our thoughts on his role in Christmas.  Remember this previous encounter?
Here I am waiting to board the train with Lala and Grand daddy.  Got my ticket ready to go.
Mama came along for the ride too.  Believe it or not she has never been to the North Pole
and you know my main man Dada made the trip.  He has been to the North Pole before but never by train, only by sleigh.
Here we all are (including Lamby) getting ready to start heading down the tracks.
Ok, we hear that Santa is near and we are both a little apprehensive.  Will he remember me, am I on the right list, did he see me throw Dada's keys in the trash back in April?  Is there a statute of limitations for being naughty or nice?
Notice I am in my Christmas PJs.  We are all invited to wear them but apparently I am the only one who adhered to the request.
Ok, here he comes, with his wife and  a couple of his elf's.
Here we are.  Miss Claus is very nice, smelled good and she even knew my name.
Here we all are.  Hope everyone else gets a chance to see Santa this holiday.


Nancy said...

where do you find out about this train ride..my grandson would love it..thanks

Mason Family said...

The North Pole Express.

Make sure to get your tickets for next year in June or July. They sell out quick.

Nancy said...

thanks..Davis will love it