Monday, December 5, 2011


Lets just get right to it.  It is Christmas time so we went and bought the best tree in the quad state area.  We did some research and this tree is 38 years old and comes from Orville Redenbacher's private tree nursery in upstate New York.  It came from the North East corner of the property where the acidity in soil is 2.3%.  The perfect level for growing Frasier furs.  Orville himself planted the seed for this tree and cared for it until his hip replacment surgery in 1989.  Then the current greens keeper for Augusta National golf course was its caretaker until it was sold to Home Depot in early Novemeber of this year for $39.97.

Here we are with Orville's finest.  I know the tree looks...well we all look a little rough around the edges but with a little tinsel and some shiny things we clean up pretty nice.

Here is a new edition to the Mason tree this year.  We only had 4 Elvis themed ornamements until now.  I hope that everyone has a pair of Elvis Blue Swede shoes hanging from their tree.   If not on your tree then at least in your closet, please.
Here I am helping with the tree.  By helping I mean standing back and not breaking any ornaments or decorations.
Also, a bit of sad news this holiday season.  One of my wise men lost his right hand in an unfortunate accident involving a certain dog, some teeth and a clothes pin.  Luckily he held on to his Frankincense to bring to baby Jesus.

Remember Scout.  He is back this year and is again watching over me with his sort of eerie smile.  He is good at keeping a straight face.  When I asked him if he knows Santa he just sat there perfectly still and kept that same grin.
Here is what the tree turned out like.  It looks a bit like Christmas awesomeness.  Merry Christmas everyone. 

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