Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun Family Filled Weekend

I had a fun filled family weekend last weekend. By fun I mean going to baseball games, playing outside, enjoying the weather and spending time with family. By family I mean Mama, Daddy, Mer Mer, Eli, Hi Mama, T, Uncle G, Ken, Debbie, Mama Coats, Lala Grand Daddy, Aunt Hope and Uncle Gerry.

Here I am getting the full dose of cousin love on Friday morning. Nothing like staying in your jammies for a couple of hours on a weekday.

Once we made it outside Mer Mer and I had to go check on the boys next door.

Here we are again.

Mer Mer and I are starting a band. She can really tickle the ivories while I belt out the lead vocals. Mama said we sounded so good after about an hour of this that we should go outside and let others hear the beautiful noise we made.

Business time, serious business.

Finally, on Sunday night I went to Taylor Grocery for some catfish with ole droopy eye. Mr. John (not pictured), who has a pink potty was there too. They serve some of the smallest but tastiest catfish around. Did you know that catfish prices are going up because the profit margin in the catfish industry is going down. Many farmers are draining their ponds and going back to more traditional crops like corn. We all know that pursuits of things like alternative fuels and a good jalapeno cornbread always keep corn in high demand. Don't worry though, we still lead the world in catfish production although that delicious Vietnamese river cat is trying to catch-up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Time

If you don't love this time of year then you just need to check your diaper. The weather and all the fun activities makes this one of the top 4 season of the year, especially in Oxford. We get the benefit of getting to watch Spring sports like baseball and tennis. I've been to several Ole Miss baseball games this year and plan to watch several more. Pictures below are from last week's outing.

Thanks to operation double cracker I was able to sneak in my own personal snacks to the game. This helps to keep me from running away or causing a scene, plus provides nourishment that is very important to me during this stage of development.

As you can tell from this picture things got serious all of a sudden. Did Lipscomb have men is scoring position with only 1 out you ask? No, I just saw the playground and realized there were kids playing and I was not involved.

Well I made it to the playground and after pushing a couple of older boys out of the way I was ready to do my thing. Down the slide I go.

Don't worry about me Mama, these older kids will take good care of me.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taste Test: M&Ms v. Reece's Pieces

In a recent taste test conducted by myself I found that M&M's taste the same as Reese's long as the M&M's are pink and the Reese's are yellow. So please don't judge a book by its contents. Judge it by its cover (or color).

Also, it is getting harder and harder to find pink M&M's so if you have any left over from Valentine's day please send me an email and I will arrange to have them picked up. Also, I have plenty of orange and brown Reese's if anyone would like them.