Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Girl

Hello to all. It is been busy lately and the blog has lacked. I am the first to admit it and I want to apologize to all 37,000 visitors for the lack of content. I can come up with excuses is hard for my little fingers to type, my router had an gateway loop back request that was blocking all outgoing TCP requests over port 80 and 443, school has been taking up a lot of my free time, etc. but basically I have just been a little lazy. So here is what has been going on lately.

I went to the salon last week for the first time. I talked to my cosmetologist and sytliest Marie for some ideas. In the end we went with a light trim. It really accentuates my ears.

I had a real good time getting my hair did and getting all the latest scoop on the other gals in the salon from Marie.

Here I am checking out the snow a couple of weeks ago before heading to work. I know technically it is called daycare but let me assure you it is work putting up with all those boys.

I have been under the weather lately too, which is also another excuse I can give you for not keeping the blog up-to-date. I had what I called the Triple Threat. It was bronchitis plus a stomach ache plus generally being in a bad mood. Luckily the medicine these days are all so sweet and delicious. One of my antibiotics tasted like an old fashion root beer float.

I got a couple of pictures made of me being pitiful.

More pitifullness

After I got better I started eating again. I love a good banana (or manana as I call it).

I also ate a blueberry muffin with extra fresh frozen blueberries. I know fresh and frozen contradict each other but I helped pick those blueberries back in the fall so I consider them fresh. Just a side note, I like watching Wheel of Fortune. I always pick the letter B...over and over and over and over again. Buying vowels is for sissies.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Valentine's Weekend

Hello everyone. Hope this post finds you and yours having a good day. I had a most excellent Valentine's weekend. It started off at a party at school. Since I am one of two girls in my class I got lots of special attention. I also had my awesome cousin Meredith in town. Oxford did not know what happened to it by the time she left...neither did my living room.

This is my best Flo impression. I have to take care of these guys at school. Coffee coming up.

Ok, we are ready for some Valentine's treats.

Sure Jojo, you can have some of my cookie.

Here I am working on my headstand form. I saw Meredith practicing so I had to grab a pillow and try it for myself.

After headstand practice we had ridiculous awesome fort time. Reading a book is fun. Reading a book in a fort is ridiculously awesome.

Seeing how Dada built the fort and was playing with it while we were not even home sort of makes we wonder if he really built if for himself. He says it was for me but I am not so sure.

Tub time. Bubbles bubbles bubbles

Here are my flowers. How did dada get so many flowers in that itty bitty top of that vase. He must have had some help.

Monday, February 8, 2010

One of those mornings

Have you ever had one of those mornings. You of those where you just can't get going, you're sort of cranky, your hair is a mess and people keep taking pictures of you just trying to relax and your just not in the mood.

Well I had one of those mornings yesterday. It was tough but once I had my coffee I was feeling much better.

2 creams and 1 sugar is how I take it. And I drank Community Coffee straight from New Orleans since the Saints were playing in the Super Bowl. I thought the Saints won but all I hear about is how the Colts lost.

Friday, February 5, 2010 I come

Guys, I am barely 15 months old and I am already stressed. You may think that I have everything taken care of for me but that is just not the case. Here are a couple of things that get me all worked up...

Am I gonna make it to school on time? Lets go Mama.

Do these bracelets match my shoes? Does this bubble make my legs look big?

How on earth am I supposed to eat these noodles without a fork, and where is the pasta sauce?

How am I gonna get off this counter and will Mama or daddy ever pay me any attention?

And finally with Valentine's Day coming up I am wondering if Mama will like this formation I had the the band create for her. Maybe I better just send dad to Oxford Floral.

Monday, February 1, 2010

From the weekend

Hello from my computer nook. I have to get to bed soon so I will be brief. Awesome weekend as usual. We had some company, celebrated 2 birthdays, ate some good food, took some good naps, cried for no reason a couple of times and even took in a basketball game. I learned how to make muffins and how many goldfish I can fit in my mouth at one time.

Here is am working on the goldfish. 17 is the magic number. I can't really count that high but that is what I am guessing I was at before my face turned red.

This is me and my Belle...Clarabelle. She is real sweet.

Here is Lottie and Mama Coats. MC celebrated her birthday this weekend too. We ate at Lenora's. They have a great grilled cheese.

I thought that since we were celebrating this weekend we should bring out the silver.

And finally we took in the game Sunday night. It was a good game the first 34 minutes.

I am off to bed, see you on the flip side.