Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Double Decker Fun

Hello to everyone out there. This post takes us back to last Sunday afternoon. I, along with family, friends and classmates took at private tour of Oxford from the top of an ancient Double Decker bus that is Hernando Desoto discovered on the same voyage that he discovered the mighty Mississippi. It is the only one of it's kind.  This tour was in honor of Cade's 3rd birthday. Let's scroll down to see what all happened.

Trying to hold in my excitement here and play it cool.  This was my first time on the bus.  Dada's first time too.  Mama has been on this bus many a time, she even used to give tours.  Seriously.
Here I am at the top.  Still playing it cool.  No big deal.

Ok, you know how there is only one double decker bus.  Well apparently another one was recently discovered.  We both stopped and stared at each other for a while, then moved on.

Headed towards the square with me at the helm.
This is my version of planking (look it up).  Instead of laying in peculiar place like a plank,  I will randomly drop down and practice my bridge. This has been done at Walmart, the Grove, Oxford Floral and now the top of a Double Decker bus doing 90 mph down University Ave.
This is what it must have looked like when Hernando Desoto discovered the Mississippi on his Double Decker bus.  I can just see him driving past Graceland and the Memphis International Airport on this bus before coming to overlook at the Mississippi River.
Me and the birthday boy.
There's that birthday boy again.
Playing on the playground on the 3rd story of the double decker bus.

More fun with Dada.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I had a big Saturday this past weekend. I went my my friend Marti's house and watched a women's badminton match. It was rather boring so me and the Cadester spent a good bit of time outside. We played tennis, ran around, found some pine cones, squished some bugs and cried a little. Sad to say...even though we were in our freshly pressed cheer-leading and football outfits, and it was a Fall Saturday morning in the South, there was no football going on.

Cade and I posing for a quick pic before getting into a bunch of nonsense.

Working on the hand-eye coordination. I have a pretty good arm but #12 can get the racket on the ball everyone now and then.

Pine cone contest. You decide who has the best pine cone.

This just little green guy was fun to play with while he was a round.

A good ole bear hug from Cade before we left.

Friday, September 2, 2011

September is Finally here

Hello to everyone this lovely September day. Happy Birthday to my new cousin Simmons. She will arrive in a couple hours. In other news football season starts tomorrow so expect several pictures of my in my cheerleading outfit to come. Super cute.

Speaking of Super cute, how about this princess outfit? It was Saturday so that was good enough reason for me to dress up and take a pose.

Also, momma was dressing up as a princess so I thought that was enough reason too. This is a Princess giving another princess a goodbye kiss.

The green team got together a birthday party for their main squeeze, Cecilia. She turned 1 last week. She has great toys, reminds me of my childhood.

Just a funny picture.

Finally in other huge news that I can't believe I have not shared with you. I am taking dance lessons for the first time every. Liza talked me into it and I think it is a fabulous idea. It won't be long before we will be teaching the class. We both have a lot of natural dancing talent.