Friday, August 27, 2010

More Pics of me and Olivia

As I mentioned before Olivia had me over from some play time last week. A couple more pictures surfaced so i thought I would share.

Olivia is the baby that Mama is about to take a bite out of. Olivia, in its Latin context means an Olive tree or branch. Olivia extended an Olive branch to me by letting me play with her toys. Olivia's parents really like Olive trees and branches so I think that is why the picked that name. But...interestingly enough in English (Olivia speaks English) Olivia means an Elf Army. I'm not making this up. If Olivia surpasses the Elf height requirement I can only assume she will change her name to Linden.

Check out that head support that Dada is using.

I started climbing on things so this is the last picture that they were able to take. Mama says I was that size last week.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Tractors, Little People

Hello again everyone. I am writing this entry during nap time (don't tell Miss Patty) on my iPhone so please excuse any typing mistakes. I have the hardest time typing on this thing. Anyway, I have been busy with my new class at school, the potty, hanging with Minnie Mouse and traveling to the Queen City. Below are some more details of last week's festivities.

Oh look, I went to the farm while I was in Meridian! Nope, just went to my cousins Eli and Meredith's house. They live in Mississippi and are Alabama fans so they have the mandatory tractor in their front yard.

Off to bushhog the front yard.
Mama and I ready to head to the pool party.
School is back in session but Summer time is still here so Parker had a pool party for her birthday. Quite the time was had by all. Minnie did a cannon ball of the diving board. I promise. Maybe. Okay, no she didn't.
Cover your ears...I'm tickling the Ivory with Aunt Sissy. She was playing the notes like a pro and I was creating a new masterpiece all at the same time.

Here's the little people. This is Michelle and Patrick's little one. She has great little toys so if you are in Meridian they want you to come by and play. Don't worry about knocking, just come on in.
When the music starts a playin I start a dancin. Lala teaches the 3 and 4 year olds at church how to carry a tune each Sunday. Since Meredith comes to learn I like to show up too.
Here I am with all the big girls in the class about to perform.
Ok, so is your Dada as embarrassing as mine? I mean I am trying to act old in front of the big kids and then he pulls something like this. And Mama is so used to his shinanigans that she did not even notice. He always brings his choir robe with him everywhere but this is only the 2nd time he has pulled it out in public. The first time is was just a cool day last winter and he forgot his coat.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hola a todo mi visitiors

Hola a todo mi visitiors. Espero que sea hace bien. I have been working on my Spanish this week. The world is getting smaller and it is a global economy so I suggest you do too. But look, I know gender, possession and adjetivos is not what keeps you coming back and checking out my blog so we shall get one with it? By the way, what do you think of it's fresh new look?

Quite nap on the couch Uncle G...I don't think so. Time to hid in the dining room.

Headed to my Father's house with Mama.

Here I am playing in my high heels while Lamby and Lamby take a nap. My other Lamby was on the couch watching TV, while my other other Lamby was reading but I am not sure where my other other other Lamby was.

We went looking for the Cow at Chic-fi-la last week, he was not there but his playground was. Fun stuff.

Peek a Me. Just hanging out inside a wheel.

It is still hot so I am headed to grab a snow cone and throw the boomerang in the grove. G'day mates!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Awe Gus Heat

Awe Gus is here and it is hot, but that also means that football is getting started so things could be worse. I think I am headed to practice tomorrow so I will give a report if I make it.

I checked on turf at Vaught-Hemmignway Stadium over the weekend. It was looking good.

Here is my best 3 point stance.

Checking out the tunnel. That thing leads underground to the Indoor Practice facility. Freshmen were reporting. Good looking crop of guys coming in this year.

While there we got a quick bite to eat in the South Endzone. I was awarded this chef's hat for having such a good appetite.

Come on September 4th.

It was not all fun and games this weekend. There was some serious business to take care of. I was letting Elmo go over the steps one more time.

Flashback to the weekend before this past weekend. I was at Hi-Mama and T's house.

Taking my baby on a stroll.

Tim is in a suit a good bit of the time but he knows his way around a farm as well.

And I have been known to operate heavy machinery too.

Here is me and Caldwell and a miniature 1 eyed dog named Buster. We are at David and Katie's house.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hey Yall

Hey Yall, this is Mims Mama. She wanted to to tell everyone that she has been busy lately but that the camera has not been in the right place at the right time so pictures are few. She wanted me to upload a few pictures that did not make the cut before and some pictures that Liza sent us.

Ok, everybody, I am back. This is Mims now. I just tee teed in the potty. Go me. Mama has been wanting to post on the blog for a while so I let her write the intro.

I can't remember the circumstance surrounding this picture but it involved the Sunday morning paper, a poorly placed box of markers and turned over furniture.

Eating some ravioli, noting special here. I see a potato made it in the fruit bowl. What's that all about?

I am down at Liza's house here. We are just checking on the fishy and I am contemplating eating a crayon.

Innocent looking, right? Wrong. We just unleashed cute havoc all over the house before plopping down for some juice and toons.

This was a chew and stare contest. I can chew, I can stare, but not both at the same time. Liza's on the other hand does both well.

Also, this is a great video that we have been watching. Inspiration for this weeks task at hand.