Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everybody

Happy Easter from your favorite miniature blogger. I hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine. The Bun came to see me, which was a nice treat, but just spending time with Mama and Dada was the best treat of all.

Here we are after the 1st hunt of the day, but before Church.

Here I am during the second hunt, and after church. The 2nd hunt was at Ms Katie and Mr David's house. We had a great time. I had to strip down to my skivvies after church, if you were wondering what I am wearing.

Mr. David has many talents and you can add Easter egg dye professional to that list. He made the 2 dozen of the best looking eggs east of Batesville.

Me and Mama made a house for my cricket today on the sand side of my sand/water table.

Jump back in time to Saturday at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. I ate fruit off of a stick while Jackson munched on a cupcake. Ms. Jackson was helping us out.

Jackson's dad, Mr. Corey saved me from the Easter bunny Saturday. He is always there in a pickle.

Waiting to start the hunt. I was moved up to a new division at this hunt this year so I had be focused.

On the move

Here I am checking in with Cecilia. She had a good hunt as well.

But guess who had the best time of them all. That's right 3 time dad and the guy that's always there with a camera, a camcorder and timely financial advice, Mr. Chuck Sherman.

Rewind one more time to Thursday. We had to have the hunt in the gym due to inclement weather but that did not keep me down.

Here I am with about a dozen bozos and my BFF Heather. We do our best to keep all these guys straight.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The great Egg Hunts of 2011

It is Easter Egg hunt week here in Oxford. I started Sunday with a pre-hunt before Church to make sure I was ready to go this week. The last thing you want it is to pull a hamstring or mistake an Easter egg for a pine cone during a live hunt so it is always best to practice. Including my pre-hunt i think I will participate in 6 hunts.

You can see the excitement on my face about egg hunting season. It only lasts a week in Mississippi so you need to take advantage each day.

Where or where are you?

We interrupt this hunt for a picture. Oh joy!

A successful hunt. Found the eggs and 1 cricket.

After church we head to the official first hunt of the season.

I traded in my decorative basket for my utility basket for this hunt. Sometimes looking cute is not as important bringing in a big haul.

I pretty much ran the show at the O-UUMC hunt. This was a good year for me because I was pretty much the oldest person in my section. I was a seasoned pro compared to some of the newbies in my category so I gathered my dozen in record time. Now next year will be a different story when I move into the 3-5 year old category.

When you gather your quota in record time you have the luxury of surveying your area for better eggs. This is called a swoop and swap. You swoop in and swap your egg filled with bubble gum and trade it for the starburst filled egg.

Showing off my eggs.


Look at his pretty tree branch.

Dada is showing me the bees. These things were huge and not playing around. Or where they playing around? I don't speak bee so I am not real sure.

From the hunt we went to the baseball game. Good to get an SEC sweep.

Back to an out of place Easter egg hunt picture.

Time to take the field and run the bases.

Look at me back there...running the bases. I love a Sunday run on the bases.

I passed this poor boy about 3 times.

Hey Ole Miss Diamond girl. No time to wave, I'm on a mission.

Woops, I got called out because Ole blue says I ran out of the base path.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get Outside

It's that time of year again where if your not outside then you're probably inside. Ponder on that for a minute. Anyway, the temperature has been nice and the breeze has been breezy so I have been enjoying the outdoors as much as possible.

Sunday I grabbed some pink gear, threw it in my pink backpack, put on my pink outfit and went to the Grove for a concert. It was a great time and you would believe all the people and dogs that were there.

Mama was there too, looking as pretty as a Spring day.

Blowing bubbles was one of many activities I participated in. Thanks to all who supplied the bubbles and sorry to those who got soap in their eyes.

There's friend, neighbor and bubble supplier Mr. Robert Neely.

When we got home from the Grove we went rock climbing.

Here is Mama's Surprise Tulips. It is called the Suprise Tulip because the entire neighborhood was surprised it bloomed.

A good picture with Dada in the forest.

About to go to school this morning. Had to have my shades on for when the door opened.

Also, I began wearing headbands this week. Big step for me. And now that I wear them I make sure to let everyone know about them. I even tell scary people that I should not talk to about my new headband.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Everybody is getting older

Everybody is getting older so that means one thing...Birthday parties! I rode the birthday party circuit this morning with a trip across town then back to the neighborhood to finish off the morning.

Here we are on our way from Pearce's party (party A) back to Olivia Kate's party (party B). I'm already into goodie bag #1.

The tulips are blooming on campus. Not a bad site on not a bad morning.

If you look real hard you can find me not cooperating in the back at party B on Sesame Street. I'm the blur in blue.

If I was wearing my normal pink at party A today could you tell me and the car apart?

Caldwell and I played with the bubbles and ducks at party B.

Why is Dada about to man handle this house? Because he is looking for me!

And he found me and all the sidewalk chalk that I was trying to hid from other party goers. Nobody like a tattle tale daddy.

Here I am again in another house.

Every time the wind would kick up someone would have to go retrieve this dog out of a tree. Contrary to popular belief there is such a thing as too many balloons.

I rode this little horsey down to town!

Here is a picture of food. I am not sure how the food pictures keep hijacking my blog. I am told this was Rosemary grilled chicken with grilled bok choy and shiitake mushrooms.